Privacy Policy

Smokies For Rent By owner will never sell your personal information to a third party and will only use your personal information to contact you about your listings. Any contact information submitted to Smokies For Rent By Owner will be only be available to guest inquiring about our property/business.

Add your Listings Policy

Smokies For Rent By Owner does not allow any listings to relating to gambling, sexual or illegal in nature. We reserve the right to delete or modify your listing for this reason or any other reason we deem necessary for the safety and comfort of our travelers. By purchasing and placing a listing you are agreeing to this policy.

Rental Companies/Property Managers

You may link your own website website calendar or other 3rd party listing site calendar to your SFRBO listing by placing the URL in the “Website” field on the listing input form.

Property Managers and companies may place listings on the site so long as you:

-Do not use your company brand or logo as your profile picture. Each listing must include a personal picture of the listing owner/manager.

-Each property includes unique pictures of the property being represented.

-Each property includes a unique description of the property being represented.