Second only to the Smoky Mountains themselves, Dollywood is an attraction to which some visitors devote the entire weekend or even longer to enjoying, and for good reason – Tennessee’s most famous theme park is so large, you’ll need more than two full days to see and experience everything it has to offer!

Dollywood is named for and owned by East Tennessee’s most famous daughter, Dolly Parton, but acting as an official extension of her brand is only 1/3 of the park – there are more than two dozen rides throughout the huge entertainment estate, ranging from huge thrillers to smaller fare appropriate for very young children. Either way, you and your family are guaranteed to make some memories here (true to the park’s slogan)!

Another major asset for visitors is the huge amount of entertainment the park provides each day of the week, round-the-clock, in streetside and professional theaters. Everything you enjoy about the Tennessee soundscape can be found here. The ensembles of highly talented musicians regularly perform Bluegrass, Southern Gospel, Modern Country, Classic Country, and Christmas holiday themed music once it gets to be in season. The music of the Smokies are all around you here in Dollywood, and one ticket purchase gets you all the shows you want. No additional admission is taken for any show on park.

And all that doesn’t even taken into account the special festival seasons that are pretty much 95% of the operating schedule at Dollywood. The park even opens perennially with the ever-popular “Festival of the Nations”, which brings many international acts, items and food from around the world for a month of celebration here in the Smokies. We have “BBQ and Bluegrass”, which is a huge festival that offers exactly what it says on the tin. Dollywood celebrates the seasons in full with fireworks, special shows, arts and crafts, and even a near-full transformation of the park to reflect the oncoming Christmas.

Dollywood more than lives up to its hype, and you can see that for yourself by getting tickets from